Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carol Hannah and her swoon worthy creations

I am an avid Project Runway fan. This season I am enjoying Emilio, Uli was amazing during her season but Carol Hannah has been probably my all-time favorite designer from any season. Her style is just so romantic, sweet and effortless (kinda like me, right?)

Well today while perusing my favorite blogs I see that Jessica (one of my fave bloggers, my fashion guru and fellow Hoosier) participated in her recent bridal fashion show in NYC.

Soon I found myself drooling all over Carol Hannah's Etsy's shop. But what caught my fashion heart was the Queen Street Draped Jersey Dress shown below.

I think it would be perfect for one of the summer weddings on my calendar. I will be just like the girl in the picture but there would surely be a glass of champagne in my right hand and a handsome young gentleman by my side.