Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello blog world, here I am. Welcome to Jackie's high heel hijinx!

Okay I'll admit it...I am a blog stalker. I have been reading various blogs almost daily for over 2 years now. I check in on friend blogs, fashion blogs, design blogs, food blogs, celebrity blogs, blogs written by people I have known my whole life and blogs of people I have never met. They make me feel closer to the friends I don't get to see as often as I would like and strangely make me feel like I know the life story of a complete stranger. All of the bloggers have great stories to tell, pictures to share and are confident in putting their life out there for everyone in the blogosphere.
After reading these blogs for so long I finally decided I should join the blogforce. I have some great stories and amazing pictures to share with the world and I should be more confident in putting it out there for everyone to see. But that was over a year ago, I always stopped myself thinking who would want to read my random ramblings or read about a story I think is hilarious but no one else would even understand.
More importantly what would I call my blog? I think of myself as a pretty creative gal and a good writer this shouldn't be that hard, right? Well I was wrong, just deciding on a name for my blog took me over a week and in fact I didn't even come up with this on my own (big shout out to Genie Rod for the help) but I think "High Heel Hijinx" fits me perfectly.
So welcome, feel free to stop by anytime. I would be honored if you became one of my blog stalkers!

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