Saturday, January 2, 2010

Checking in on my 30 Before 30 List

We are officially into the new year so I thought I would take a look at how I have been coming on my 30 Before 30 List.  I started this list last year and have made a some progress so I thought I would share.

1)  Travel to another country - Not yet but hopefully next year
2)  Learn to sew - I got a sewing machine for Christmas so this one is in progress


3)  Design & sew myself a fabulous dress - Not yet but please refer to my fabulous new sewing machine above!
4)  Plant a garden - I planted flowers and herbs this past spring but everything died within a month so not a success but a good try.  I will do this again next spring!
5)  Learn to like running - Trying but no real progress yet
6)  Run a mini-marathon - NOPE
7)  By a fabulous piece of art by an up and coming local artist - Not yet but I am loving Allison's art maybe she can create something for me from a picture.  I know her expertise is with animals but I would love a people version of her awesome work!
8) Create my own piece of art - Nothing yet but my creative juices have been flowing lately
9)  Visit New York - YES!!!  Goal achieved!
10) Visit LA - No luck yet
11) Go surfing - :(
12)  Spend a holiday with the needy - I'm hoping next Thanksgiving with Mozel Sanders
13)  Learn Spanish (try to retain more than I did in high school) - Nada
14) Fly first class - Yeah right... no luck there!
15) Throw an awesome dinner party - Sorry no update here, but I should do that soon!
16)  Sing somewhere other than my car or in the shower (this would make my mom very happy) - Nope
17) Take a ballet class (I took 15 years of ballet growing up - hopefully I will be able to at least remember the basics and not fall on my butt) I have checked out the class schedules at Indy Dance Academy and I'm thinking about joining a class there.
18) Give being a vegetarian a try - I went Vegetarian last May after Meat Night at Fogo de Chao.  I stayed with it for almost 5 months.  I really enjoyed it and consider myself a quasitarian now eating mostly vegetarian but I let a little meat slip in once or twice a week.
19) Have some professional photos done (sorry - no nudie pics) - Goal achieved! My Super talented friend Kevin Conners of Kevin Conners Photography spent the day with me on the grounds of the IMA taking some lovely and fabulous pics!  Thanks Kev!
20) Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity - No
21) See a big name artist at a show in Vegas (a show with sequins would be a plus!) - Not yet but I'm going to Vegas in May so hopefully I will then!
22) Work on my photography skills - I have been taking more pictures but I think I should take a class to learn more about photography for this goal.
23) Go on a wine tasting tour in California - Goal Achieved!  I went to Cali this past fall and went wine tasting with mi madre.
24) Start some sort of side venture/pet project where I am showcasing my creative talents
25) Go on an exciting far away excursion with my mom - Nothing planed as of yet
26)  Go to the Indy 500 with my dad - Maybe this year!
27) Go skydiving with my brother - No progress yet
28) Plan a big event/party for myself or someone else - Does planning the holiday party at work count?  I'm hoping for something a little more swanky in this department to officially meet this goal.
29) Buy a forever classic amazing piece for my wardrobe that seems too expensive at the time but I will treasure forever - Nothing yet... but believe me, I have been looking!
30)  Continue this blog until my 30th birthday (at minimum) - I am working on blogging more frequently thanks to my new work schedule.  I have big plans to revamp the look.  I will definitely continue until at least my 30th birthday!

I guess that's not a bad start; 5.5 goals met and 22 months left.  I better get busy working on the rest of the list pronto!!!

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  1. Great goals! I'm glad I got to share going to New York for the first time with you.