Friday, May 29, 2009

Spray Tan: Before and After

  I love summer...fresh fruit, pretty flowers, summer dresses, flip flops and tans.  That last one I was not exactly blessed with.  I am pretty pale and always have been.  I tried tanning beds for while and got that beautiful bronze glow but I worried about the damage I was doing to my skin.  I didn't want to end up looking like Magda one day in the future.
  So last week I went out a limb and got a spray tan at Air-Tan in Broad Ripple.  But before I went I needed to weigh the pros and cons...
  • Back from Barbados look with spending any vacation money
  • No skin damage
  • Instant gratification color

  • Unsure of how it would look (fake, orange, streaky, etc)
  • Standing semi nude in front of a complete stranger

  Well, as you can tell there were more pros than cons so I went for it.  I was sure to take before and after pics.



  The after pic was taken within a half hour of leaving Air-Tan and the color grew even darker.  I really looked like I had been on vacation.  When I went back to work I had more than one person ask if I had gotten away for the weekend.  My faux golden goddess look had fooled everyone!  SUCCESS :)

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  1. danggggg.... i need to get me one of these! considering there will be no more long summers in my lifetime (stupid real world!), faux tans are gonna have to be the way to go. you look tan -- but naturally so. ;)

    thanks for noticing my new blog layout. jim, one of our graphic designers, did it for me. i love it. :)